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Here is what just some of our loyal clients had to say about their experience with Wright Financial:

"I am writing this to let you know how much I appreciate your assistance in lodging my insurance and financial hardship under KiwiSaver claims. You were extremely helpful at the time when I was not in a state of mind to attend to the paperwork. As a result, the processing of my claim was smooth and efficient, unlike the last time I was assigned a financial adviser by the insurance company.

Thank you again!"

- Subhasni, Auckland

"I'm your average working parent who thought I had my finances and insurances all under control, that is until the end of last year 2015 anyway. Things were going downhill big-time, yup I was circling the plug hole. My finances in turmoil, stress levels rising. I didn't know what, if or how anyone could help from here, so decided to try an Insurance Broker/Financial Adviser to see if they were able to help me with my crises. (YES) this is where I met Jared from Wright Financial. He came to the house for our meeting, at a time that was convenient for me. We went through everything to try and find a solution,which I didn't think this was possible at the time. Jared however remained optimistic, he was professional, honest and earned my trust quickly, also adding a personal touch to the service. I was and still contact Jared  at anytime if I have an issue with or am unsure of any issues with Insurance or Finances. Although I don't want to feel like a nuisance, Jared continues to assure me its no bother.  I'd just like to say thank you to Jared and Wright Financial without your help I would not have been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel or dig myself out of the hole I was in. All your work is much appreciated. I know a couple of friends who also went to Wright financial and so far have only had great things to say about their experiences. Keep doing what you're doing, it's working great."

- Les, Te Awamutu

"I have been with Jared as my mortgage broker for the last two years.

I've found Jared to have a very sound technical knowledge in his field and he has saved me money in ways I would not have thought of.

Jared has a great friendly personality and is a breeze to deal with.

I've recommended him to my close friends on more than one occasion and will continue to do so."

- Debs, Hamilton

"Firstly I would like to thank you for your services. You did a great job securing my income protection and it is greatly appreciated. Furthermore, I would like to thank you for the birthday card you sent. It was a wonderful gesture of appreciation for using your services, and I would not hesitate to use your service again in the future."

- B Donald, Hamilton

"I was on maternity leave and I injured my ankle which put me in plaster for 14 weeks, and I was able to claim on my mortgage protection policy that was set by Kathy. This policy was a financial life saver for myself and family. We really appreciated the good advice and the policy working when we need it most."

- J Rankin, Hamilton

"I would just like to say that working with Wright Financial Solutions has made getting our mortgage and insurances very easy. Kathy explained every step of the process with great advice and everything worked like clockwork. We would and we have recommended Kathy and Wright Financial Solutions Ltd to our friends and family."

- DK Donald, Auckland

"My family & I can't thank you enough for recommending I look at having mortgage protection with redundancy. I went on maternity leave early this year and was made redundant after being on leave for a month. Kathy worked with me to apply for the claim which was accepted. I have been looking for work but the redundancy payments have helped financially to cover our mortgage payments. I do not hesitate in recommending Kathy as a Financial adviser"

- L Houdgson, Auckland

"Kathy has been my Financial adviser for 10 years and during that time, she has set up my personal insurances, mortgage for my own home and investment properties. I was given information on Family Trusts and LAQC's which were all set up to protect my assets going forward because I was a lady on my own. I moved to Australia 4 years ago and kept everything in place in NZ until 2 months ago when I decided Australia was now home. During the last 4 years, I was in contact with Kathy as she helped me with top up's on the mortgage from time to time, which she made it so easy. I have now sold up everything in NZ, but I would not hesitate in recommending Kathy for her outstanding service professionalism. If I come back to NZ I would be back in her office again in a heartbeat"

- L A Kingi, Australia

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