Managed Funds

Wright Financial have a great product range that allows you to invest a small amount of money into one or more funds on a regular basis. You can also choose to contribute a one-off lump sum to get your investment a kick start.

Regular contributions into a managed fund will help smooth out market ups and downs by purchasing more units when the unit price is lower and fewer units when the price is higher. Regular contributions can reduce the risk of a large fall in value compared to investing a lump sum at a high unit price, should the unit price fall. This type of regular savings plan is often referred to as ‘dollar cost averaging’.

Most portfolios require a minimum lump sum of $10,000 to kick start your investment. A regular monthly contribution of only $250 allows you to begin achieving your investment goals and objectives.

Wright Financial Investment Funds at a glance

  • Portfolios of equities, property, fixed interest, and other securities.
  • Research-driven investment decisions.
  • Active management using professional fund managers.
  • PIE compliant funds providing tax advantages to investors relative to direct investing.
  • Options for you to invest lump sums or make regular contributions.
  • Quick and convenient access to your investment if your circumstances change.
  • The ability to set up regular withdrawals for those wanting cash flow.

Investment Fund Selection

  • New Zealand Equities Fund
  • Australasian Equities Fund
  • Global Equities Fund
  • NZ Fixed Interest Fund
  • Australasian Fixed Interest Fund
  • Listed property Funds

Tax Benefits

Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) regime compliant funds provide capital gains made on most investments in New Zealand and Australian listed share funds, irrespective of the level of trading undertaken.

In addition, investors choose the marginal tax rate applicable to their circumstances, but with the maximum tax rate paid on income received by the Funds set at 28%. Where tax is deducted at the correct rate, no other tax is payable by individual investors on PIE income. This presents significant tax advantages to investors on higher marginal tax rates.  

At Wright Financial we have an investment adviser who can offer advice and has access to a wide range of investments. Any advice provided will be based on an analysis of your Personal Risk Profile, which is how you can be assured that any recommendations made will not cause you emotional stress or concern.

For a limited time, submit your contact details and book an appointment with one of our advisers and receive a $50 voucher on your first visit.