Our role experience and access to a wide range of insurers means that we can find the most appropriate cover to protect against the kind of risks unique to you and your business.


We can help you work out what you might be able to afford, whether you’re new to property or a seasoned investor. With a few tweaks here and there we can help you get more out of your current home loan, whether your goal is getting mortgage free sooner or funding some home improvements.


We respect the trust we develop with our clients to allow us to guide them through the challenges that life inevitably brings. Setting your goals for the future is just the first step. The key is to put in place a plan that enables you to achieve them.

Wright Financial - Personal and Commercial Financial Advisers proudly serving the Waikato since 2001.

Buying or renting? There are pros to both

Mortgage Advice

We understand that having a mortgage is a big commitment and is one of the biggest investments you can make in your lifetime. Please click here to understand more about our services.

Insurance Advice

The unexcepted can happen anytime in Life. This can impact on you and your families’ financial needs, if it is death, illness or disability related. We can help you secure your financial future with lifelong well structed insurance plans, please click here.

Personal Investments

With so many different avenues of investment to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. For more information about our investment services, please click here.

Take Control of your Finances

Why use a mortgage adviser?

You are unique, and so are your mortgage needs. Wright Financial mortgage specialists, backed by our team of experienced financial advisors, provide mortgage solutions to fit your budget, goals and lifestyle. And, because the mortgage process can be overwhelming, Wright Financial can relieve the stress by taking care of every detail from application submission to negotiating with financial institutions. We will take care of the entire process ensuring that you get the structure right first time. We have advisors in Hamilton and Te Awamutu who will come and see you to understand your needs. 

You never know what is going to happen

What insurances do I need?

You’ve worked hard to build a solid financial footing for you and your family, so you want to be sure that everything is protected. Accidents and illness can and do happen, and if you aren’t adequately insured, it could leave you in financial ruin. You need insurance and the guidance of financial advisors to protect your life, your ability to earn income, and to keep a roof over your head.

Saving for a rainy day or your retirement?

How do I invest for best results?

Investing is all about buying things that put money back into our pockets. Sound intimidating? It’s not really. Those of us who have a bank term deposit or are in KiwiSaver – we’re already investors! Our recommendations, provided by experienced financial advisors, are directly aligned with both your financial goals and risk tolerance to avoid unnecessary stress or concern to achieve the desired outcome.

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