Commercial Loans

Wright Financial creates effective financial packages that help you make the most out of your commercial property. Commercial loans offer businesses an opportunity to invest in their long-term future by leveraging their commercial property to fund expansion and business growth.

The right commercial loan can help you build a portfolio of tangible assets that can be leveraged to fund your business’ growth. Our mortgage advisers understand you must start somewhere so we take the time to work closely with accountants, ensuring your commercial loan structures are tax effective.

With an effective use of the company structures and business trusts, Wright Financial can protect your business and personal assets, while maximising your commercial investment. There are many types of personal finance or commercial finance. Wright Financial provides quality commercial business finance and financial advice.

Asset Loan

The assets that your business owns are valuable. Leverage your business’ assets to purchase new assets or consolidate business debt. This allows you to separate your personal assets such as your home, from the liabilities of the business.

Bridging Loan

A bridging loan is used for short-term financing in between funding from a longer term loan. Bridging loans are secured over property due to the timing of settlement dates, an example being, the overlap in the ownership, or settling two properties. The bridging loan allows a business to cover this financing gap.

Property Development Loan

Property development finance or loans are similar to that of a residential construction loan. Operating as a draw-down facility whereby you access funds at each milestone of the development, incurring interest from this point in time. Rather than incurring interest for the entire loan when funding has been approved.

Commercial Loan Providers

Our mortgage advisers have business agreements through aggregators with ANZ, ASAP Finance, ASB, Basecorp Finance, BNZ, Cressida Capital, DBR, First Mortgage Trust, Funding Partners, Prospa, Pepper Money, Southern Cross and Westpac.

When it’s about business acumen Wright Financial will recommend a commercial loan structure or facility, including the lender, that best suits your business entity needs.

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