Stop ‘money leaks’ at the supermarket

We all know it – Planning meals, writing a list of groceries and then only buying those items is the only guaranteed method of saving money and staying on budget. However, when we are confronted by ‘special’ signs everywhere, tempting us to seize a bargain, it is easy to lose willpower and ignore our list.

Sure, a bargain is always a bargain, but why stock up on items that will just end up gathering dust on the pantry shelves? So here are some tips for staying on budget and stopping money leaks when grocery shopping.

Consider using cash

Taking a pre-set amount of cash with you, rather than using your credit or debit cards, may help you keep your spending on track. When you don’t have an additional source of funds as a backup, staying under budget is not just easier but also necessary.

Stick to your list (as much as possible)

It may sound obvious, but going off-list is likely to not only cost you more, but also result in you forgetting something important on your list. And you know what a second trip to the supermarket means: more temptation to spend.

Size matters

Consider the size of the tin or packet items that you are buying. While buying the large size usually appears more economical than buying the smaller sizes, it is not economical if you don’t use all the contents, and the remainder gets thrown out. For example, if you only need four slices of pineapple, you can save the extra 50c you would spend on the bigger tin – and watch your wastage shrink.

Be careful with multi-buys, too

While five for $5 has a great ring to it, if you’re only saving a few cents, do you really need to buy five items, or could you use the money for something else?

Sticking predominantly to your list is a good idea to prevent unnecessary money leaks – but of course, having the flexibility to go off-list and stock up on specials on items you frequently use (like laundry and bathroom items or breakfast cereals), can save you money too.

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