Fit for purpose for you – now and in the future

Fit for purpose for you

Making your insurance work for you isn’t just a matter of signing on the dotted line. It’s important to ensure that your cover is fit for purpose for your needs when you take it out, and continues to meet your needs as time goes on. Here are some important things to consider both before and after you take out your cover.

Get help with the detail

Whether you’re just exploring your insurance options or have already signed up, it’s key that you understand the details of your policy. Of course, policy information can be quite technical, so it’s helpful to tap into the knowledge and experience of your insurance adviser – ask all the questions that you have and get your adviser to outline the benefits of your policy and how these relate to your needs.

Make good use of the review process

Your insurance policy will renew annually, but don’t let it roll over without taking a closer look. The annual renewal is a chance for you to check that your insurance is still relevant to your needs and set up to do the job it should.

Proactive communication pays off

New car, new home, change in circumstance, job, family (big or small), renovation project? Life is full of change and new goals. Keep your insurance adviser in the loop about the key changes going on in your life. A quick phone call to talk through the detail will help ensure that your cover remains relevant to your needs.

The quicker, the better

If you are unfortunate enough to have to make an insurance claim, being quick to communicate is essential. Let your insurance adviser know as soon as the incident occurs. They’ll help you with the claim forms and requirements, and how to navigate your way through the claims process with your insurer.

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