KiwisaverAre you prepared for your retirement? If you have made no plans other than living off of New Zealand’s Superannuation, you may not be able to maintain your current lifestyle that you are accustomed to.

KiwiSaver is an easy and affordable way to save for retirement. KiwiSaver is a voluntary based savings scheme set up by the NZ Government to help New Zealanders save for their retirement. You can choose to contribute 3%, 4% or 8% of your gross (before tax) income to your KiwiSaver account. Your employer has to contribute as well, matching at least 3% of your gross income.

Your funds are invested on your behalf by the KiwiSaver provider of your choice. If you don't choose a provider, Inland Revenue will assign you one of the nine default KiwiSaver schemes, which could prove a disadvantage to you, when it comes to maximising your return on investment.

Our KiwiSaver Providers in order of Experience

Russell Funds founded in 1936, with their mission statement “Improving financial security for people”.

“It is most appropriate to evaluate performance of a KiwiSaver scheme by studying its long-term returns. Aon Russell Lifepoints continues to be at or near the top of most categories”

Morning Star, June quarterly issue 2016

Morning Star - Independent research house for KiwiSavers

ANZ KiwiSaver has over 20 years’ experience helping New Zealanders manage and protect their wealth and is owned by the ANZ Bank New Zealand. Awarded NZ KiwiSaver Manager of the year in 2014.

ANZ Investments have an experienced investment team that is primarily focused on investing in Australasia. Where assets are invested overseas, they carefully select third-party investment managers to manage those assets.

Booster has been helping New Zealanders save for over 16 years. In 2010, the Booster KiwiSaver Scheme was selected as the preferred KiwiSaver scheme for Asteron KiwiSaver Scheme members to voluntarily transfer into.

In 2013 Booster acquired the Fidelity KiwiSaver Scheme, meaning Booster now managed retirement savings for more than 94,000 New Zealanders. Booster has offered a range of “ethical” investment portfolio options and as such exclude direct investments in companies where a significant component of their business derives revenue or earnings from tobacco, alcohol, gambling or armaments.

Milford Asset Management was formed in 2003 by a highly experienced group of individuals who recognised the need for an investment company that New Zealanders can trust to provide a premium service.

Milford is a boutique investment firm that provides a range of investment products and services designed to help clients meet their specific investment objectives. They seek to consistently deliver superior investment returns and high quality customer service.

“In the Multisector Conservative category, the top performers included Milford KiwiSaver Conservative Fund”

Morning Star, June quarterly issue 2016

Morning Star - Independent research house for KiwiSavers

Nikko Asset Management Nikko AM NZ's corporate history dates back to 1881 when The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited (NZGT) was founded in New Zealand. As a dedicated global investment manager in New Zealand, Nikko AM NZ is committed to providing the best of both New Zealand and the world to investors.

The Nikko AM global investment platform provides a real time connection to a network of over 20000 plus investment professionals who share proprietary ideas and perspectives.

Generate’s focus is on your retirement savings. New Zealand owned and operated, Generate’s investment decisions are made by an investment committee that has more than 90 years of combined investment expertise. Their goal is simply to help you grow your savings and achieve the lifestyle you want in retirement.


Only Authorised Financial Advisers (AFAs) can give independent personalised advice on KiwiSaver because it is a complex Category One investment product. To maximise the best results for your KiwiSaver that suits you, you need the right advice for the correct fund allocation and provider.


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