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Have enough Life Insurance to cover your mortgage?

Do you have a mortgage? Along with Income Protection and Trauma Cover, Life Insurance is one of the types of covers that are best suited to a homeowner’s needs. But how can you make sure that you have the right level of coverage? Here are some tips to get you started. Don’t go for the…

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Time to claim? Here’s how we can help

Time to claim?

When life throws a curveball or two and you need to claim on your insurance, having the knowledge, expertise and guidance of your insurance adviser makes all the difference. It’s your adviser’s job to guide you through the process; to help you understand what you can claim; to represent your interests with the insurance company;…

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Five Insurance extras to consider

Thinking of increasing your Insurance protection, or simply would like to know what’s available and how you can make the most of it? Depending on the type of cover you have in place, there are certain extras you can consider. Here’s an outline of some handy optional benefits you can add to your policy, and…

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How does tax affect you as a property investor?

With a wider capital gains tax off the agenda (for now anyway) it’s a timely reminder that there are existing tax implications for property investors, depending on their situation. Here, we look at two reasons for investment property ownership, and what taxes might apply. Property investors who buy for capital gains Whether you will need…

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Stop ‘money leaks’ at the supermarket

We all know it – Planning meals, writing a list of groceries and then only buying those items is the only guaranteed method of saving money and staying on budget. However, when we are confronted by ‘special’ signs everywhere, tempting us to seize a bargain, it is easy to lose willpower and ignore our list.…

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Want to protect your house from life’s ups and downs?

If you have a mortgage, you already know that your house is one of your biggest (and longest-term) investments. And of course, it relies on your ability to meet repayments over time – regardless of life’s ups and downs. So why not invest in peace of mind, and take out Mortgage Protection/Repayment Insurance? Here are…

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Rainy-day fund: how big is ‘big enough’?

No doubt you’ve heard this before: “Save money for a rainy day”. It might be easier said than done (especially with the household budget and other expenses to meet), but it’s good advice. The truth is, it might well ‘rain’ at some point in the future. Creating a healthy emergency fund is like building a…

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Income Protection or Trauma Insurance: which is right for you?

At first glance, Income Protection and Trauma Insurance may look very similar. After all, both are designed to protect you financially if you’re sick or injured. But if you get past that first impression, you will realise that they provide very different types of cover. So, which works best for you? To answer this question, let’s…

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Five bad financial habits – and how to fix them

Bad financial habits not only sabotage your savings – they could also sabotage your chances of getting a home loan approved. Check out these five bad financial habits, and how to fix them, to improve the health of your savings, and ability to get a home loan. (Spoiler alert: there is no mention of giving…

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Selling for the first time? Four mistakes to avoid

Selling your first home is always hard; not only is buying your house a momentous occasion, but the house itself will hold a lot of fond memories for you. If you’d like to maximise your house’s potential, and get the best possible price when selling it, here are four mistakes to avoid. Not engaging a…

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