Fidelity Life

Fidelity life has been protecting New Zealand families for the past 40 years. Their core values include Listening and Responding, Fidelity, and Stewardship. Fidelity Life believes that our members and our staff are part of the Fidelity Life family and that the family is treated with excellence and integrity.

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Sovereign has been dedicated to providing the highest quality insurance for the past 25 years. Now, Sovereign is dedicating itself to not only covering you when your health is poor, but helping you to maintain your health through its Health by Sovereign membership. Earn rewards by taking care of your health like discounts on gyms and points for buying health foods.

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Southern Cross

With over 60 years of experience in providing insurance to New Zealanders, Southern Cross has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer. Southern Cross Health Insurance is an industry leading health insurance brand recognized throughout the country. Southern Cross founders established its business because they believed that you should have private health care options.

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